Why Blue Skye Financial?

"Blue sky" in financial circles generally symbolizes optimism, potential, and the absence of limits or barriers, whether in investment opportunities, strategic planning, or valuation.

We're here to show our client the "blue sky" in their financial future!

Our Mission

Changing the financial trajectory of American families

from dependence to INDEPENDENCE

In finance, the term "blue sky" refers to a market with high potential and a positive outlook, often characterized by new opportunities, innovation, and minimal regulatory or competitive constraints. It's akin to an ideal, unobstructed environment for growth and investment.

This term is often used in contexts such as:

  • Blue Sky Thinking: This denotes creative and open-ended thinking, free from the constraints o limitations. In a financial context, it's used to describe innovative, forward-thinking investment strategies or business models.

  • Blue Sky Valuation: This refers to the intangible value of a business, over and above its tangible assets or net worth. It's often related to elements like brand strength, customer loyalty, or proprietary technology that may not be directly quantifiable but contribute significantly to the company's overall value.

  • Blue Sky Scenario: In financial modeling and forecasting, this is an optimistic scenario assuming the best possible conditions for growth and success. It’s a way of estimating the upper bound of a company’s potential in a perfect market environment.

Thus, "blue sky" in finance generally symbolizes optimism, potential, and the absence of limits or barriers, whether in investment opportunities, strategic planning, or valuation.

At Blue Skye Financial, we are passionately committed to guiding American families towards their 'blue skies'—a future bright with financial freedom. In today's world, many families find themselves weighed down by the heavy burdens of debt, taxation, and challenges in saving or planning for the future.

We firmly believe that a path to financial independence exists for each and every one, a path that transitions from traditional financial burdens to a life free of debt, empowered by infinite banking, and enriched with the promise of legacy wealth.

Join us at Blue Skye Financial, where your journey to financial liberation begins.

Rebecca Irey, Founder

Rebecca's upbringing in South Dakota, during a period marked by widespread farm foreclosures and economic hardship, profoundly shaped her financial outlook. These early experiences were instrumental in developing the core philosophy of Blue Skye Financial: the importance of self-reliance and the cultivation of generational wealth, independent of external dependencies.

Together with her husband Quentin, Rebecca has raised a large and loving family of seven children and now delights in the joys of six grandchildren, residing just north of Austin, Texas. With a career in the financial sector that began in her college days, Rebecca's dedication to assisting American families is unwavering. She is deeply committed to guiding families towards rapid debt elimination and wealth accumulation, employing budget-conscious methods and savvy strategies.

Rebecca is not just an advocate for financial freedom; she is a proven expert in creating tax-free income streams for retirement. Her expertise extends from college financial planning to Medicare advocacy, ensuring that families navigate the complexities of financial independence with ease and confidence.

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